Thank you for volunteering to be a marker for our 8-10 year old girls and boys.  The golfers will play five holes
and each group will have one adult marker.  It is not necessary for the marker to be up on all the golf rules, if there
are questions, the golfers will play a provisional ball and upon return to the club house we will get a ruling from the
golf pro.  The markers main job is to count all strokes for all golfers and at the green, after all have putted, to make
sure the golfer and the marker agree on the score. Markers are the official score keeper so the golfer needs to
agree with you.  Markers will be given a cart.  Golfers cannot ride in the cart while playing but can ride back to the
club house in the cart.

The Marker:
1. Meets with his/her group at the first tee (front or back nine).
   2. Each golfer exchanges cards with another golfer (golfers do not keep their own score but are encouraged to
keep track of their own score at the bottom of the card).
   3. The group moves to the tee off point (either junior tees or 150 yard mark)
   4. The marker will count all strokes each golfer takes up to ten, and the golfer confers with the marker to make
sure all strokes are accounted for.  No more than 10 strokes are counted on any hole for each golfer.
   5. Golfers are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen, be courteous, respectful of others, and
demonstrate good sportsmanship.
   6. Questions on rulings will be answered by the pro at the club house.  Golfers should play a provisional ball if a
question arises.
   7. The markers may bring their small children along with them in the cart during play.

updated:  04/30/2018