In 1983 Nels and Katie Christiansen felt there was a
need for young golfers to have the opportunity to play
golf on our local courses.  At this time many young
people were not allowed on the courses due to age
restrictions.  With the help of two local dentists who each
made a donation of $100, the program was started.  The
summer of 1983 a small group of golfers played 5-9
holes on four courses in the county.  Mom and dad had
no idea this program would grow to encompass nine golf
courses and over 250 golfers every year.

The cost to the golfer has remained low so all young
people interested can play.  Each tournament is $8 for
the golfer.  There are no skills taught but the golfers get
to play with other golfers their own age in a tournment
setting, learning the rules and sportsmanship of the
game.  The money paid by golfers goes to the range
balls, the plaques, and the Nels and Katie Junior Golf
Every year the entry blanks are available at the end of April of beginning of May. Watch the web site for
the exact date. There will be two entries, one for Hilands alone and one for all others. Those entering in
all tournaments are asked to send a separate check for Hilands so they can be mailed back if your golfer
does not get in.  Parents may access the entries at 7:00am that day.   All entries must be mailed, none
can be hand delivered.  All courses except Hilands are open to as many as want to enter.  Because of
Hilands size, the tournament is limited to a much smaller group of golfers.  

It is our hope to never turn away a golfer who wants to play and we will always try to make sure every
golfer gets into the tournaments (with the exception of Hilands) they wish.  

If you have any questions please call  Jackie at 671-5497,  I will be glad to help you.

Updated 04/30/2018